D8 100mg

When you need "just a little bit".

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D8 250mg

When you have a special someone to feel it with.

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D8 1000mg

When you have a reason to party and share.

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CBD 250mg

Your snack choice of quiet nights.

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CBD 300mg

Calling for all the snacking and CBD lovers!

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HHC 250mg

Quarter of HHC, full of happiness.

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HHC 1000mg

Honestly Happy Camper.

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D8 Gummies

Perfect for gifting. Just wrap or put a bow on it.

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CBD Gummies

Cute yummy gummy for you to love yourself more.

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HHC Gummies

This small cube is filled with all the Cannibeast's goodness.

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1pc Gummies

It's like the $5 bill you find in your pocket.